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1960 Studebaker Lark Convertible








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Studebaker was a United States wagon and automobile manufacturer based in South Bend, Indiana. Originally the company made industrial mining wagons and in 1904 they entered the automotive business. Studebaker was acquired by the Packard Motor Company in 1954 with the hope that it could turn things around for America's oldest vehicle manufacturer. The Lark was built as a compact car, produced from 1959 to 1962. Two series of Larks were available and the series indicated the engine type. This Lark is part of the Lark VIII series with a 259 V8 engine. The first Lark-type models included two door sedans, four door sedans, a two door hardtops, and two door station wagons.  In 1960, the convertible joined the lineup. Test drivers at the time gave high marks to the V8's performance.                                                                                                                        *Reference - Wikimedia

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