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1972 Ford Maverick






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The Ford Maverick was a rear wheel drive compact car built from 1970 to 1977 in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Nicaragua and from 1973-79 in Brazil. The original model was a 2-door sedan priced at $1,995. The Maverick was designed to be inexpensive, easy to build, and easily repaired. The Ford Maverick was styled with a long hood, fastback roof, and short deck on a 103" wheelbase. The Maverick was a huge sales success with nearly 579,000 units produced in its first year. In 1971 a 210 horsepower 302 cid V8 was introduced. After the Arab Oil embargo and jumping gas prices demand for the popular Maverick increased. The Maverick inspired other fastback or semi-fastback compacts like the Plymouth Duster, Dodge Dart, Chevy Nova and the AMC Hornet. The Maverick was one of Ford Motor Company's most successful cars and as they grow in age and rarity, the cars have been making a comeback in popularity. Recently the Maverick was produced in toy form as the Hot Wheels "Mighty Maverick" and WalMart carried a new die cast line of small Fords including the Maverick.

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