Hollywood Bob's Movie Cars

Bob McRae, Automobile Aficionado

Bob's love for automobiles started early and at 14 he took a job at the Shell station across the street from MGM Studios in Culver City. Bob's reputation spread around town and soon movie stars from Culver Studios requested him to service their cars. He bought his first car at 16 and later started working at Ulrich Pontiac in Culver City. After a full career in the auto sales industry, Bob retired at the age of 62. Retirement wasn't for Bob so he began renting his vehicles to production companies. Bob's debut in Hollywood was on the film Three Wishes that released in October 1995. Bob delighted his family with filming stories over the holidays so they nicknamed him " Hollywood Bob".

Bob's vehicles have been in films, T.V, music videos, and print.

Howard Brown & Sons Auto Sales

Bob's son Robert McRae, the next generation...

Having grown up around cars and helping his dad out at the work, Robert couldn't help his attraction to cars, especially the muscle cars of the 1960's and 1970's. As a teenager he helped his father tear down and then fully restore many classics. In 1982 he began working for Howard Brown & Sons Auto Sales and moved with them to their current location in Sun Valley, California in 1989. Howard Brown & Sons Auto Sales works in conjunction with Hollywood Bob to provide a wider range of automobiles in various conditions.